Alpha Takes Safety Seriously

Since our founding as a family owned general contractor, the health and safety of everyone on our job sites has always been our number one priority. The single most important thing each day is that our loved ones out in the field come home safe after each day’s work.

It was from here that the ethos of Alpha’s safety program was developed.

Alpha’s Safety Program is designed to develop a comprehensive safety plan specific to the hazards associated with each project while upholding OSHA standards and our client’s safety requirements.



Alpha’s safety plans comply with all federal, state, local, OSHA, ADA, EPA, EEOC standard, and labor codes. Our Safety Department has instituted a multifaceted approach to job site safety, which includes:

  • Site specific safety plans
  • Inspections, record keeping and internal audits
  • Drug testing program
  • Hazardous materials communication



Alpha’s dedicated safety professionals operate with the mindset that knowledge is power. If our teams are educated and trained on the dangers of the workplace around them, they are more likely to be cautious, aware and prepared for what their day might hold. As a result, we spend many hours training our employees on the importance of safety.

  • Alpha safety department personnel are certified OSHA safety trainers.
  • All field personnel have completed OSHA 30 hour training courses.
  • We offer OSHA 10 and 30 hour training to our clients and subcontractors, at their location.



Safety manuals, emergency response, hazardous communication program and material safety data sheets are present at each job site.

Personal protective equipment (OSHA approved hardhat, safety glasses, etc.) are provided to all Alpha employees and are required to be worn by our subcontractors as well.


Alpha’s Quality Control Program establishes procedures for the scheduled and unscheduled inspections of all our work.

It is structured to encompass the major disciplines of:

The program is designed to ensure the quality of materials, equipment, workmanship and warranty service complies with the provisions and specifications of the contract.

Employee and subcontractor commitment to quality is emphasized through training and the implementation of Alpha’s quality control program on every project. Standards are used to evaluate all construction demolition, installation, materials, equipment, testing workmanship and warranty service.

Our phased quality control process is applied to every project and describes the various planning steps that must occur to ensure the project will be executed according to plans and specifications. The main phases include:

  • Planning and scheduling phase
  • Construction phase
  • Closeout and warranty phase

In addition, phased inspections and team meetings are held to ensure these standards are met for each project.


Alpha Building Corporation’s Quality Control and Safety Department has been honored annually with the Associated Builders and Contractor’s Gold or Platinum Level STEP (Safety Training Evaluation Process) Award. The STEP award recognizes our long history of safety excellence. In 2017, Alpha was awarded the Platinum STEP.

OSHA Zero Incident Year – 2016 & 2017

The Associated Builders and Contractors – National Association has designated Alpha Building Corporation as an Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC) every year for over ten years. The AQC program publicly recognizes and honors construction firms that have documented their commitment in five key areas of corporate responsibility:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Employee Benefits
  • Training
  • Community Relations