Safety & Quality Control

Since our founding as a family run general contractor, the health and safety of everyone on our job sites has always been our number one priority. It was our loved ones out in the field every day and the single most important thing was that they returned home safely after each day’s work.

It was from here that the ethos of Alpha’s safety program was developed.

“There is neither a job so urgent, nor a service so important, that we cannot take the time to work safely.” Kathleen Acock, CEO.


It is our mission to be an incident free general contractor and set the standard for safety in the construction industry. The keys to our award-winning safety program are:

The Safety Department is led by dedicated safety professionals and is backed directly by the Executive Management Team.

Every year Alpha invests resources to enable our Safety Department to continue to raise the bar for acceptable safety standards amongst general contractors.

All members of the Alpha Safety Department are CSHO, Authorized OSHA Trainers. Alpha has developed its own internal training program to ensure all members of the Alpha team are educated to at least OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 standards.

At Alpha we document everything at every step of the way.



There are many different facets that have enabled Alpha to grow into the contractor that we are today. Our commitment to quality assurance has been crucial! Without quality workmanship it is impossible to build sustainable relationships with clients.

Alpha’s quality assurance plan establishes the procedures for the scheduled and unscheduled inspection and review of all items of work. It is designed to support our fast-paced construction delivery and minimize client disruption.